Why you should give priority to website maintenance

Ongoing website maintenance is key to helping you achieve your wider business objectives. Whether your website is newly launched or recently redesigned, there is always room for improvement. Failing to routinely maintain your site not only results in reputation-damaging errors going unnoticed, but also in losing customers or prospects if they have a negative site experience.

Four reasons you should make regular website maintenance a business priority:


Your digital presence is an integral part of your business and contributes to your brand’s overall image. As a prospect’s first impression of your organization, a well-functioning, user-friendly website boosts your brand reputation, whereas a poorly maintained one with broken links, outdated information, and content failing to comply with your brand compliance guidelines is likely to send them bouncing back to the search engine results pages – and to your competitors.

Better SEO

Every organization wants to get to the top of Google. Fortunately, well maintained websites have an added advantage when it comes to search engine rankings. Factors like broken links, poor navigability, or threadbare content can harm your page rankings. By spotting and fixing SEO blockers quickly, your site won’t be punished by the search engines.

Tackling conversion roadblocks

Creating a good user experience on your website not only helps you to avoid losing customers, it can also convert prospects and generate valuable conversions or sales. Something as trivial and easily-overlooked as a single broken contact form or a disconnected phone number listed on an important page could be costing you business. Regular maintenance will ensure your site always meets visitor expectations.

Remove security vulnerabilities

A regularly maintained website is a more secure website. Website maintenance goes a long way in preventing malicious attacks on your website through security vulnerabilities like outdated scripts, exposed plugins, or missing CMS patches and security releases. Avoid your business being targeted by hackers and ending up in the news for the wrong reasons by conducting regular website checks into your site’s security vulnerabilities. 

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